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AXL-DC - Madison Square Garden, New York,(Live 2-CD)2016 ak320
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AXL-DC - Madison Square Garden, New York,(Live 2-CD)2016 ak320
The band, from Australia, has built and maintained its arena-scale following by stubbornly defying any temptation to evolve, and a lead singer who has his own multimillion-selling band — Axl Rose wasn’t about to change that. Rose is one of very few vocalists whose range encompasses the saw-toothed shrillness of AC/DC’s singer since 1980.

Angus Young will not retire and will continue. He will hire new musicians, and Axl Rose will continue as vocalist. Axl and Angus are also want to record new AC/DC material following Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Not In This Lifetime’ world tour.

Tracklist Disk 1
00 Intro.mp3
01 Rock or Bust.mp3
02 Shoot to Thrill.mp3
03 Hell Ain't a Bad Place to Be.mp3
04 Back in Black.mp3
05 Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder.mp3
06 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.mp3
07 Rock n Roll Damnation.mp3
08 Thunderstruck.mp3
09 High Voltage.mp3
10 Rock n Roll Train.mp3
11 Hells Bells.mp3
12 Given the Dog a Bone.mp3
13 If You Want Blood (You've Got It).mp3
14 Livewire.mp3
Disk 2
15 Sin City.mp3
16 You Shook Me All Night Long.mp3
17 Shot Down in Flames.mp3
18 Have a Drink on Me.mp3
19 TNT.mp3
20 Whole Lotta Rosie.mp3
21 Let There Be Rock.mp3
22 Audience - Solo.mp3
23 Highway to Hell.mp3
24 Riff Raff.mp3
25 For Those About to Rock (We Salute You).mp3
26 Post-Show Comments.mp3

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icon cd/Disk 1/05 Got Some Rock & Roll Thunder.mp39.5 MB
icon cd/Disk 1/06 Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.mp311.6 MB
icon cd/Disk 1/07 Rock n Roll Damnation.mp310.3 MB
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icon cd/Disk 1/10 Rock n Roll Train.mp311.4 MB
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icon cd/Disk 1/12 Given the Dog a Bone.mp310.3 MB
icon cd/Disk 1/13 If You Want Blood (You've Got It).mp312.7 MB
icon cd/Disk 1/14 Livewire.mp315 MB
icon cd/Disk 2/15 Sin City.mp315.6 MB
icon cd/Disk 2/16 You Shook Me All Night Long.mp310.4 MB
icon cd/Disk 2/17 Shot Down in Flames.mp39.3 MB
icon cd/Disk 2/18 Have a Drink on Me.mp311.6 MB
icon cd/Disk 2/19 TNT.mp311 MB
icon cd/Disk 2/20 Whole Lotta Rosie.mp314.5 MB
icon cd/Disk 2/21 Let There Be Rock.mp346.7 MB
icon cd/Disk 2/22 Audience - Solo.mp35.1 MB
icon cd/Disk 2/23 Highway to Hell.mp39.5 MB
icon cd/Disk 2/24 Riff Raff.mp313.7 MB
icon cd/Disk 2/25 For Those About to Rock (We Salute You).mp317.9 MB
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